This is Stonehenge, one of the most famous monuments from the Neolithic Age.  Located in southern England, Stonehenge dates to about 3,000 BCE.  (Move over Beatles, Stonehenge is England's most famous rock group!)

Stonehenge is known as a megalith---a large object carved of stone. The stones in Stonehenge are arranged in a circle with the largest stones over 30 feet tall.  There are "blue stones" made from rock that had to be moved some 100 miles from where they originated. Some of these stones weigh over 25 tons! (That is over 50,000 pounds! Consider this: the average car weighs 4,000 pounds. However, the world's largest pizza weighed 25 tons!)

This is what Stonehenge probably looked like 5,000 years ago:

Why was Stonehenge built? Like many things from Prehistoric times, we simply do not know. It could have been a sacred burial ground, a celestial calendar or some other symbolic purpose.

Megaliths exist all over the world, nearly on every continent.

Questions to Consider:

1. How were these statues created during the stone age? How were the moved?
2. What reasons could early human have had to create such art?